Shipping Items to Haiti

Project Help Haiti uses Rays of Hope International to ship items to Haiti. This includes items that have been donated, are difficult to find in-country, or simply don't fit well into a suitcase.

If you have items that fit this description, we encourage you to check out the detailed shipping instructions available on the Rays of Hope website.

We also encourage you to keep the following in mind as you load your box or container for shipping:ROHc

  • All items are removed from the container in Port-au-Prince by hand.
      • There is no heavy duty lifting equipment in Port-au-Prince.
      • There is no loading dock in Port-au-Prince.
  • The trailers are packed very tightly. Flimsy boxes may get crushed.
  • We recommend packing liquids in multiple spillproof containers. Even plastic buckets get damaged occassionally.
  • Plastic items may warp in the extreme heat; please use heavy duty plastic to minimize the chance of this happening.
  • Items may take several months to receive. If you need them by a specific time, please plan accordingly or bring them with you.
  • Items for the mission should be addressed to Project Help Haiti. Items for a specific missionary should have their name and Project Help Haiti on the shipping label.
  • Please let Project Help Haiti staff know if/when you ship something.